In an effort to facilitate awareness of “what it takes” to build a good process improvement program, one where organizations and individuals succeed and benefit from the journey, “The Process Improvement Network” website is provided by Process Enhancement Partners, Inc. (PEP, Inc.).

Although there is no charge for using this site, access and membership are only granted to those groups and individuals actively engaged in Process Improvement and Industry awareness initiatives served by PEP, Inc.

5E Learning Cycle U. Akron image

5E Learning Cycle
U. Akron image

The function of this site is to act as a reinforcement vehicle/ mechanism  within the context of the 5E Learning Cycle. If you are unfamiliar with that cycle, a pictorial image is on the right or if you prefer you may read more at:

If you represent a group or organization, or are a person, interested in learning more about how your company, industry association, local economic development council(s), university, or organization can take advantage of this support, please use our Corporate Contact page to set up a discussion. We look forward to hearing from you and in helping you ensure your teams, members, and organizations truly benefit from improving their business processes.